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Travel- Banff National Park Photos

Photos of
Banff National Park

Alberta, Canada

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../photos/banff/banff-001.jpg ../photos/banff/banff-003.jpg ../photos/banff/banff-007.jpg ../photos/banff/banff-302.jpg
../photos/banff/banff-901.jpgThe trees
../photos/banff/banff-912.jpgElk often wander through downtown or just outside of town
../photos/banff/banff-919.jpg ../photos/banff/banff-920.jpg ../photos/banff/banff-921.jpg

Banff National Park Information

Banff National Park is located in Western Canada. Most of the parkis in the provinces of Alberta but part of it is in British Columbia. The eastern parkentrance is less than an hour from Calgary. Lake Louise and Banff are towns withinthe park.

Interesting Facts
  • Banff park has over a thousand miles of hiking trails
  • the highest mountain is Mt. Forbes which stands at 11,850 feet
  • the park has more than a thousand glaciers
  • the Great Divide is located in the park - the geographic point where water flowseither West to the Pacific Ocean or East to the Atlantic Ocean
Things to See The Rockies, the lake at Lake Louise, town of Banff, Lakes , Banff Upper Hot Springs
Things to Do hiking, sightseeing, camping, skiing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, golfing, backpacking,biking, bird watching, climbing / mountaineering, wildlife Viewing
Where to Stay Banff, Lake Louise, camping (the park has thousands of campsites).
More Info

Banff Parks Canada website

Lake Louise


../photos/banff/lake-louise-1.jpg ../photos/banff/lake-louise-2.jpg ../photos/banff/lake-louise-3.jpg ../photos/banff/lake-louise-5.jpg

Lake Louise Skiing


../photos/banff/lake-louise-6.jpg   ../photos/banff/lake-louise-7.jpg View of the lake from Lake Louise's ski hill../photos/banff/lake-louise-8.jpg ../photos/banff/lake-louise-9.jpg

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