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Travel- Cottage Wildlife Pictures - peregrine falcon, deer, loons

Our neighbours at the Cottage

Wildlife Photos

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An osprey with young ones, near swimmer's rock onLoon Lake

Osprey with young - Loon lake

Osprey nest

Baby Owl - found on road right near the cottage

baby owl

Deer, a walk just before sundown is the best time to see them. Pictures were taken at the bottom of the hill, a short walk from the cottage.

deer deer

Wild Turkey
Woody Wood Pecker
wild turkey - ontariowoody wood pecker


Some of the loony neighbours. I guess that is why they call it Loon lake.

Loons on Loon Lake

Loon with young

longs on Loon Lake

loon closeup

Blue Heron

blue heron near Loon Lake

After progressing through larval stages the larvae crawl out of the water. The skin splits and the dragonfly emerge. leaving it's shell. Once it's wings dry in the sun it flies away.We loved them as they eat most of the mosquitoes.

A dragonfly that has just emerged from it's skin


dragonfly dragon flies


beaver near the cottage



green frog - Ontario

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